AWC Dynamic (In-Motion) Axle Weighbridge


The AWC Dynamic (In-Motion) Axle Weighbridge is designed to be an economical and convenient solution for measuring the weight of moving trucks.
The AWC JUMBO Dynamic (In-Motion) Axle Weighbridge is a system consisting of individual weighing platforms which measure the load on each wheel of a dumper truck dynamically or statically. Its modular design enables any possible truck axle configuration or model of mining dumper truck.

A large external LED display is available for quick and easy viewing of the weights. A traffic light can be used with the large display to tell the driver when to move on and off the weighbridge.


Main Features

  • Capacities up to 200T.
  • Simple operation.
  • Save time by weighing vehicles on the move.
  • High-quality load cells IP 68.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Dynamic and static operation selectable by user.
  • Automatic addition of all axle loads.
  • Suitable for all vehicle types with different numbers of axles.
  • One weighing platform of size 3 M X 0.75 M or two weighing platforms of size 1.2 M X 0.8 M or 3 M X 2.4 M.
  • Dynamic ( in motion ) weighing.
  • Travel speed up to 5 km / hr.
  • Weighing up to 24 tons per axle. Accuracy in dynamic weighing +/- 1% of FSR.
  • Under and over load selectable by user with alarm facility.
  • ARM CPU system with high arithmetic speed.
  • 24-bit high-precision and high-speed sigma-delta conversion module with 130,000 internal code [AD value] used and 200 Hz sampling frequency.
  • EMC design with high anti-jamming capability, suitable for industrial environment.
  • Menu & shortcut mode operation with key tone.
  • Auto-locking, key-locking, key-unlocking, digital setting , calibration and I/O testing functions.
  • 1 optional and definable analog signal output (4-20 mA ).
  • 3 normally open switch inputs [DI] and 5 normally open relay switch outputs [DO].
  • Support industry configuration software.
  • The historical axle weighing records can be queried and printed.
  • The present axle weighing record can be printed automatically and manually.
  • 2 optional communication ports for linking to PC/PLC, remote display and operation terminal, serial printer, wireless module, etc.
  • Special filtering algorithm for ensuring weighing stability and accuracy when there is strong vibration on the load receptor, and rapid response capability when the weight signal changes.
  • With the multitasking mode, the weighing and control process will not be interrupted by parameter setting and the other operations.
  • Once the internal temperature exceeds 45°C, the cooling fan of weighing controller will work automatically to avoid overheating under the high ambient temperature.
  • Optional RFID reader with Tags and traffic lights.