Belt Weigher

Inherently stable design rugged construction engineered to suit each location

A BELT WEIGHER is a piece of industrial equipment used to gauge the mass or flow rate of material travailing over a troughed (cupped) conveyor belt of any length which is able to adequately contain the material being weighed.

Commonly incorporated into conveyor belt systems, belt weighers are used in a wide range of industries to report instantaneous flow rate and totalised mass feed rate of powders and bulk solid materials. This data is commonly used for stock control, process control and in bulk material handling processes.

A belt weigher replaces a short section of the support mechanism of the belt, which might be one or more sets of idler rollers, or a short section of channel or plate. This weighed support is mounted on load cells, either pivoted, counterbalanced or not, or fully suspended. The mass measured by the load cells is integrated with the belt speed to compute the mass of material moving on the belt, after allowing for the mass of the belt itself.


The belt weigher system consists of static and dynamic parts with load cells and weighing idlers and supports. The volume flow is calculated from the product offload (load-cell value) and belt speed (tacho frequency or fixed frequency). Integration of the instantaneous conveyed value results in the amount transported.

The AMSTEL DATAWEIGH controller calculates and displays the instantaneous flow rate along with the totalised value of material being conveyed and keeps track of the amount of material conveyed over a period of time.


•   Dynamic capacity   :   Up to 5,000 t/h
•   Accuracy   :   (typical) +/- 0.50% to 2%
•   Electronic System   :   DATAWEIGH Controller
•   Belt Inclination (fixed)   :   0 - 15°
•   Belt Width   :   500 mm to 2,000 mm
•   Belt Speed   :   Up to 3.5 m/s
•   Load cell   :  
Construction - Stainless Steel
IP class - IP 68 Service
Overload - > 150%
Overload limit - > 300%


  • Mobile Crushers
  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Coal
  • Minerals