Ladle Tundish Weighing System


The main functions of the tundish are to be a steel reservoir between the steel teeming ladle and the mold, and in the case of multi-strand CC machines to distribute the liquid steel into the different molds. Continuous data from load cells in the tundish allow greatly increased automation of the process. With better control over the level in the tundish bath, there are improvements in quality of the strand surface, more consistent steel quality, less variation in temperature and improved water cooling economyThe Tundish Weighing System are manufactured for the prevailing harsh ambient conditions. They are not affected by shock, interfering forces or huge fluctuations in temperature. The high-temperature load cell weigh modules are suitably designed with wire or wireless interconnectivity.


  • Suitable for tough environmental conditions
  • High resistance to the influences of temperature
  • Customized high-temperature load cell weigh modules with wire or wireless inter connectivity
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Simple design and assembly
  • Minimum number of installed parts
  • Optional wireless weight data transfer to ground level control room by RS-232 / RS-485 / 4-20 mA analog output