Static Ladle Car Weighing System


HotMetalRailWeigh is a static weighing system designed for the weighing of hot ladle cars. Precision QS-G load cells made in the form of the rail determine the weight of the ladle car. This is done by positioning the precision load cells beneath each of the wheels of the ladle car. The load cells and teflon cables are designed to withstand temperatures of over 250°C. The weight values are acquired and processed with the use of weighing electronics and customized PC systems.


  • Static weighing of hot ladle cars.
  • Pitless and gap free design.
  • Simple installation – no frame needed.
  • Suitable for very harsh environments
  • Precise determination of hot metal output.

Technical Data

Operating Temp.range of weighing controller :  10°C to + 50°C
Operating Temp. range of load cell :  10°C to + 200°C.
Rail profile. track width & tie spacing :  as used in existing   tracksection
System Capacities (t) :  10 to 300
System Accuracy :  ±0.4% F.S.
Applicable Rail Weights :  11 to 60 kg./m
Overload Capacity :  150%
Applicable System :  for 4 wheel /8 wheel ladle     car
Power supply for weighing controller :  AC 220 V±10%
Power consumption for weighing controller :  = 100 VA
Display resolution of weighing controller :  1000 – 3000d


  • Wireless large display model GA 100.
  • Customized PC software for system
  • Wireless data transfer to control room with integration with plant level software